Welcome Back Your Intimate Life

Vaginal dryness is a physical issue that truly impacts how you feel about yourself. It can be frustrating, worrying and painful. Many women say they avoid sex because of the dryness and then their relationship suffers. We often hear women express their frustration like this, “My heart says yes, but my body doesn’t follow.” Or “I just wish I could go back to the way I was.”

Adding to that frustration, quick-fix lubricants come with a lot of trade-offs, like sticky, drippy messiness. They interrupt the moment and using them just doesn’t feel natural.

Our goal was to solve dryness at the source in a natural-feeling way that would free you from all of this, so you can truly feel like yourself and enjoy intimacy again. That’s why Vagisil® ProHydrate™ Natural Feel Moisturizing is not only fast-acting and long-lasting for more comfortable sex, but is easy and discreet to use. It isn’t sticky or messy and doesn’t interrupt the moment.

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