By Women, For Women

From the women in our innovation group to our team gynecologist to the hundreds of women who tested it, women have driven this product development at every stage. Here’s what women had to say after trying new Vagisil® ProHydrate™ Natural Feel Moisturizing Gel:


“I felt as if it were just me, nothing else.”

“It makes me feel like it is my own moisture…really changed our sex life.”

“It seemed to be more of a natural feel.”

“Felt like my own moistness. It felt very real.”

“I like that you can use it earlier and it still works later. The vaginal area was moist enough to have enjoyable sex.”

“It is hydrating. It’s a very natural feeling.”

“It made me feel not so dry. It also made me feel clean for some reason. I just felt like when I was younger.”

‘I like that it was clean to use. It didn’t feel sticky or messy. I didn’t have to actually touch it to apply.”

“It easily went in. It started working immediately. I think it just helped me a lot.”

“It relieved all of my awful symptoms of the dryness I always experience before and during sex.”

“It just feels like me.”

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